I am thinking about small SEO resellers today. I am wondering how in the world they are going to compete with the larger SEO firms – with all their resources and websites. It can be quite a problem.

So I was searching for tools that smaller SEO reseller firms could use to help them have the same arsenal as the big companies.  I came by this post, which talks about this very issue and the need to form coops with other small firms to pool resources and end up with some really great seo tools.      I also took a spin through some press releases and saw a cool one here, and another one at this website.

So there is data out there for you to chew on. But the important thing is that you get in touch with the scale this thing is operating at. There are 65,000,000 active domain names on the Internet. Think about that for a while. Think about the 10 spots on page 1 that you are competing for. It starts to sink in. This is a very very large network. And you have some well-motivated competition. Pooling ideas and resources together, while still maintaining your brand identity and customer relationships just might be the way to go. That’s where the SEO reseller model comes in. Check it out.

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