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The winning sales strategy

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We were talking about Internet Marketing today and someone mentioned that their recent success came from old fashioned paper marketing.. Yes, can you imagine? People actually ran and marketed businesses before the Internet? How exactly did they do that? No clicks? No impressions? No rankings? WHAT?

Yes – There is a lesson here for all the SEO types and PPC hounds. Old marketing techniques still work folks. And it would be smart NOT to forget them. Fliers, word-of-mouth and customer reviews are powerful things. In fact, you may find that these things work better than your online marketing approaches.

Most SEOs think that the world is their nail once they have their hammer. I’ve been accused of the same.  And it is hard once you get good at something not to apply it to all things. But today I was reminded that it is important to have balance. This is true in life and in marketing.

Earn Extra Income As An SEO Reseller

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With the recent explosion in the popularity of blogging, many people who know very little about running a website now have a website of their own. These people, if they desire to run a successful website that brings in a significant amount of traffic and revenue, often outsource many of the tasks that come along with running a website, like web design and search engine optimization. With the increase in demand for SEO services has come a corresponding increase in the number of individuals and businesses offering SEO services. If you are looking to get into the search engine optimization business, however, you have got your work cut out for you. A handful of SEO firms have claimed a majority of the SEO market, making it tough for newcomers to make any significant income from performing search engine optimization for others. One way for small business and individuals to make money from SEO is by becoming an SEO reseller. An SEO reseller uses their existing relationship with customers to market the services of a larger SEO firm to their client base, and earns their profit by marking up the cost of these services as they are passed along to the end customer.

If you are already in a business that deals with customers who run websites, such as web design, you are in a perfect position to become an SEO reseller. By taking advantage of the existing relationship you have with your clients, and offering them a new service that many of them are likely in need of, you can increase your revenue without adding much to your workload. As an SEO reseller, all of the search engine optimization work, such as keyword analysis and link building, are done by the larger SEO firm that you work with; in this way, an SEO reseller is very similar to an affiliate marketer who sells products through another website by linking to those products from their own website. An SEO reseller simply serves as a middle man, connecting the SEO firm with customers who need their services, customers that the SEO firm is unlikely to be able to reach on their own.