What is a white label SEO reseller? There is a lot of explanation involved with that string of words, but breaking it into smaller parts helps define the term. More importantly, answering what is a white label SEO reseller further explains what it can do for you.

It is not as complicated as it looks.
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In fact, you might already understand some of it now. Let us fill in the gaps for you!

What is White Label?

The first part of the string of words is “white label,” otherwise known as “private labeling.” Imagine you go to your nearest grocery store, like Walmart, and see the Great Value brand. It is touted as Walmart’s brand, but in actuality it is a product manufactured by others, but allows Walmart to slap their Great Value branding on it.

Is it label? Absolutely! Businesses and corporations do it all the time.
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Anything from software to physical goods can change hands with the explicit intent to have a white label added down the road. And that also includes search engine optimization, otherwise known as “SEO.”

What is Search Engine Optimization?

The average person on the street probably does not know what SEO is, despite engaging with SEO practices on a daily basis, albeit in an indirect way. In a direct way, it is one facet of digital marketing; the other faces of internet marketing express how content is created and the generation of internet traffic.

Take out your phone and search for something on the internet.
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It can be anything! What keywords did you use to find that topic, in a natural way? The links you were suggested–especially the top results–engaged in SEO practices to fight for those spots. But how?

It is all about content, keywords, and linking. In other words: search engine optimization. It is the driving force to generating traffic to websites.
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Believe it or not, getting clicks on a website is not all about slapping advertisements all over other sites, although that is still valuable in its own right.

Any business worth its salt, even young ones, should take advantage of SEO. It is essential to growing traffic to a site–especially now, during the Digital Age.

What is an SEO Reseller?

SEO resellers and white labeling are not mutually exclusive; in fact, SEO resellers are a type of white labeling.
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In this case, it is a specific type of white labeling, one that involves an abstract service rather than a physical product. It can and has been referred to as “outsource SEO” as well.

Think back to what white labeling is: Business A provides a service to Business B, but Business B puts their own logo on it. As an SEO reseller, you would be creating SEO content for another business, but that client is allowed to pass it off as their own.

What is the point to outsourcing SEO? Internet marketing, other than buying ad space, can cost a pretty penny.
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It certainly pays when done effectively, but SEO marketers need a robust system to do the job, and do it well. That is where an SEO reseller comes in handy.

By finding and investing in the right outsourced SEO reseller plans, you can have others gather SEO information for you.
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It does not require the man hours of your own company, but those of another. And the best part? You do not have to hire someone!

Bringing It Altogether

Now that we have broken down the string of words, it is time to fully answer the question: what is a white label SEO reseller? If you have not figured it out by now, that is okay. That is what you are here for.

You, Company A, need SEO information for a client.
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Unfortunately, you do not have the capital, nor the time to invest in an employee. They need their information now!

So you, Company A, refers to the expertise of Company B, a private label SEO program. They gather the information you need, hand it off to you, and you hand it to your client. When the client opens the briefing, they will see your logo on the SEO information.
white labeled agency
You have just engaged in white label SEO services.

With this knowledge, you should be fully confident in answer the question: what is a white label SEO reseller?

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