To get noticed online these days, you need to actively pursue your website’s search engine optimization. If you want to succeed as an ad agency or web developer online, you should become an SEO reseller.

Google and other search engines use complex and ever-changing algorythims to determine what sites gets ranked and where. By becoming an SEO reseller, your clients can benefit from someone that knows the ins and outs of SEO marketing- and that knowledge does not have to be generated from within your agency! An Seo reseller simply represents professionals that market websites. They will offer you the opportunity to become a white label or private label SEO reseller. Simply put, as an SEO reseller, you promote the SEO marketer to your clients. The marketer does the work, and you receive a commission and credit. The SEO reseller process is seamless and transparent. This will offer you the opportunity to become a one-stop-shop agency.

Your value added services gets your client’s site recognized while you make a profit.

Becoming an SEO reseller does require research on your part. Many companies offer these services. Go online and the search term SEO reseller will offer many choices.

Find a company that will allow you to price the SEO services based on your decision. Determine the right match by locating a company whose services and products will compliment your agency’s business model.

Discuss with an SEO company their long and short goals for you and your client’s success. If the company you choose is well known, offering their name rather than making it seamless may be more beneficial in selling your customer.

Be suspicious of the overnight, quick-fix solution for your client, as this may include improper programming code or irrelevant keyword phrases to initially lure search engines. In the end, search engines may retaliate and alienate the site. Good luck in you quest to become an SEO reseller.

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