So you think that your ready to Resell SEO?  You have seen how the business works first hand, probably writing articles that are used in Search Engine Optimization.  Now your ready to catch the big fish, your ready to learn more and start to Resell SEO.  I will be here to guide you through what it is like and what you are going to be up against when you start to Resell SEO.  Attempting to resell SEO is no easy task, and you will need to work hard as well as putting in many hours of hard work until your SEO business gets off the ground.       The first thing you need to know before you Resell SEO, is that there will be competition.  Your competition will stop at nothing to be on top of the Resell SEO game.  The first rule of thumb, you need to stay on top of your business and never give up.  The more hours you put in, the less you will have to work in the future.  Some of your competition may work for quantity rather than quality.  I believe that is the first wrong step you can take when your about to Resell SEO.       You will want to show your clients that your company is reliable, has a good attitude, and remarkable customer service.  When you Resell SEO, Long term clients will approve of your business, and continue to come back for more.  Rule of thumb number 2, Quality over Quantity!  Now that you know this will be no easy task, and your willing to work hard in order to give clients Quality Search engine optimization.  You are ready to take on the competing business’ that Resell SEO.       Remember what I said about the SEO business, and try on some of your own ideas for size.  Do not be afraid to innovate the business, it is still very new and can improve in many ways.  Good luck out there!        <P>

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