THinking about the SEO reseller today and wondering what the appropriate profit margin is in that business.  This is a major dilemma if you think about it. Mark up the product too high and you will not attract customers. Or worse, you will land them through your hard sales work but they will not stick around very long once they discover that they can get better prices from another SEO sales team. A major problem for the SEO reselling team. SO what should an SEO reseller do? Markup the price too low and you will not be in the search engine optimization space that long. No money, no interest. We all know this in the for-profit space. SO you need to find that perfect balance for your SEO business – just as in life. And this will take trial and error to be sure. DOn’t think this will happen all by itself. You will get some right and other deals will go south. Just keep at it until you think you have the formula that is appropriate for your reseller business.

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