For those who are not very familiar with the SEO reseller packages, basically there are the white label SEO reseller packages and the black label SEO reseller packages. There is a big difference between the two and an SEO reseller must know the difference before choosing other SEO reseller packages. The white label SEO basically applies to the way the SEO service provider optimizes the websites of its clients. The white label uses techniques and methods that are acceptable by all the search engines, such as Google. The black label on the other hand is the opposite. The black label uses techniques that although not illegal are dubious and scheming. Thus, most search engines, particularly Google does penalizes and even bans websites that are caught using the black label techniques. For any would-be resellers, choosing the right kind of SEO reseller package makes a big difference in his business. Since resellers sell the SEO service to the clients and the clients remain his own, the reseller must therefore consider which of the two are good in sustaining his business. Although the black label may come cheaper, selling it in the long run would mean problems once the search engines caught the sites using the black label SEO programs.

Both the white label and the black label SEO have different packages which the reseller can choose to buy and sell to his clients. Again, the choice of the right SEO reseller program can mean success or failure for the reseller. It is important therefore to choose the right SEO reseller program. Now, there are the basic types of SEO reseller packages, such as the starter SEO reseller packages, the business SEO reseller packages, the ecommerce SEO reseller packages and other similar SEO reseller packages. Most SEO service providers offer almost the same types of reseller packages which new to veteran resellers can choose from. The reseller can therefore choose the right SEO reseller packages that are best suited for his business. For example, if the reseller is just starting out on the business of reselling SEO and simply wants to offer the service to his clients, then there is the starter package and business packages. These SEO reseller packages are good enough for most clients, such as those who have small online businesses. As one gets different and more complex demands from clients there are also other SEO reseller packages that one can get from the SEO service provider.

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