A lot of the SEO firms are offering SEO reseller packages now. Each SEO firm makes up their own SEO reseller packages. As a reseller you can get to know what these packages can offer your clients. To learn just what each of the SEO packages consist of you will have to contact the SEO firm that you want to partner with to reseller their SEO packages. That way you can list the various SEO reseller packages on your website so you clients can see exactly what they will be getting in each of the SEO reseller packages.

For instance, some SEO firms offer starter SEO reseller packages for a certain price. These SEO reseller packages can include such things as keyword research for a certain amount of phrases and a keyword competitiveness report. You might also find that the starter SEO reseller packages can give a keyword search volume report for the reseller’s clients. The more than basic SEO reseller packages can offer such things as identifying issues that are keeping a clients website from ranking higher in the search engines. Some SEO firms include implementing keyword phrases do get more targeted traffic to the client’s website.

The more expensive SEO reseller packages include keyword rich copy creation to help get the search engine rankings higher and will supply content to get visitors to buy products. Other SEO firms offer SEO reseller packages that they call publications packages. These SEO reseller packages are sold so that the client can publish the content on their website without breaking copyright infringement laws. They usually sign a permission document for this with some SEO firms.

As a reseller you can list the SEO packages that you can offer on your website. You clients can see what each package entails and make the appropriate selection for their budget. Some SEO packages go for as little as $200 a month. The more extensive packages can run a client up to $5000 a month. For exact pricing, your chosen SEO firm will give you a listing. Each SEO firm will have a different pricing schedule and different reseller packages that they offer resellers.

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