Reselling SEO can be a very lucrative business if you come to the table equipped with the proper skills, connections and motivation. The massive explosion in popularity of blogging and personal websites in recent years means that there is more competition than ever for the traffic that is directed to websites from search engines. For almost any websites of any type, a majority of the traffic that a website receives is going to come from one search engine or another, so it is important that you as a website administrator make sure that your website appears as close to the top of the search engine results pages as possible for any relevant keywords that potential visitors may search for. A set of strategies for making sure that websites appear at the top of the search engine results pages have emerged, and they are collectively known as search engine optimization, or SEO, techniques. Search engine optimization is big business these days, so many people are eager to earn a slice of the SEO pie. While it is difficult these days to start your own SEO company, due the the overwhelming number of competing SEO firms who are well established, it is very feasible to earn an income reselling SEO.

When you work reselling SEO, you do not actually perform any of these search engine optimization techniques yourself; rather you work with a larger SEO firm reselling SEO services performed by there for customers that you bring to them. In this way, reselling SEO is much like affiliate marketing; someone working in affiliate marketing work with an online retailer to refer customers to that retailers online store, and earns a commission off of any sales generated by the customers that they refer. Similarly, someone reselling SEO refers customers to an SEO firm, and earns a commission on any search engine optimization services purchased by that customer. While an affiliate marketer oftens earns their income passively, through publishing banner ads and text links on their website of blog, someone who works reselling SEO must work more actively to generate their sales.

Because of the type of services that you are working with when reselling SEO, people who already work in an internet related industry, such as web design, are in a great position to earn an income reselling SEO. A web designer already has access to a long list of clients that he knows already own and operate websites, since he has designed, redesigned or maintained those websites for his customers. Reselling SEO services to these customers that you already have an established relationship with is easier than finding brand new customer whom you have no relationship with and getting them to purchase SEO services; so if you are interested in earning a couple extra dollars from your internet businesses, consider reselling SEO for one of the many established SEO firms out there.

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