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Archive for October 28, 2010

The Better SEO Reseller Programs

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You’ll find that some SEO firms are offering better SEO reseller programs now. If you are in a web based business and want to take advantage of the SEO reseller programs and opportunities you should take some time first and do research on the subject. The better SEO reseller programs are going to be offering a platform for helping resellers attract, sell, and retain customers. These SEO reseller programs won’t leave you in the dark after you sign on. Reseller programs should also have features for white label SEO, backlink analysis tools, and automated SEO reports. These should be standard features in any of the better SEO reseller programs that are available now.

The better SEO reseller programs will allow you to offer SEO services to your client so they can achieve their goals on the Internet and at the same time provide you with extra income. Not all online businesses have the time and expertise to be competitive in the SEO field. The best option for many is to outsource SEO projects to professional SEO firms. The SEO reseller programs allow a third party to get into the act, which is the reseller. Now, the SEO reseller is helping those who need search engine optimization and those who provide it to find each other.

Before you enter into an agreement with any of the firms that are offering SEO reseller programs make sure you understand how the company operates. You will want to avoid any SEO providers that use questionable practices and add little or no value to your clients or you will end up losing clients yourself. Take care not to recommend them to the wrong SEO firm. Finding the best SEO reseller programs will take some time and you will want to talk to a representative of SEO firms before you can feel assured of signing up with the better SEO programs.

Before getting started you should first think about which SEO reseller programs suits you the best (check out this list of programs). When you choose one of the SEO reseller programs you will still be the one who remains in communication with your client and will do the reporting and invoicing for them. SEO reseller programs do not require you to do the actual search engine optimization work. The SEO firm is the one responsible to provide effective search engine optimization services that get results your clients need and deserve.

Finding The Right SEO Reseller Program For You

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When it comes to finding a good SEO reseller program, there are a few things you should bear in mind before handing over control of your online marketing to a third party.  First, you want to make sure that the SEO reseller program in question has a history of producing real results for its clients.  Secondly, you want to be absolutely sure that any SEO reseller program you are considering is completely ethical and above board in its business matters.  An unethically run SEO reseller program can spell disaster for your company and your online reputation.

Going back to the first point again, ask for the hard numbers behind any SEO reseller program that you are considering.  There should be a record of measurable progress and an increase in pageviews before and after a given SEO reseller program was implemented on a client site.  Once you are satisfied with the track record, you need to vet any SEO reseller program under consideration for ethical standards.

Any SEO reseller program you consider should deal only and exclusively in white label or private label SEO tactics.  These terms refer to ethical and legal means of boosting search engine rankings, which include submitting your site listings to search engines, optimizing relevant keywords, and using social media.  However, using a black hat or black label SEO reseller program can spell trouble for your online reputation and your bottom line.  These tactics refer to illegal methods of boosting pageviews like spamming, hiding text in the background design of a site, and choosing popular but irrelevant keywords.  It should be noted that the sophisticated search engine algorithms employed by search engines around the world are remarkably good at finding and banning black hat users permanently within hours, so the risk is far from worth it.  Good luck!