People love the SEO industry. It is new and sexy. This whole Google thing is just so exciting. The idea that you can create buzz for a business and their website and move their site up the rankings in the search engines is fun.  I think this is why we see so many people coming into the SEO reseller space. They hear about the potential to make money in the race for high rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing and want a piece of the action. So what do they do next.

Well, they typically want to build or do the SEO work themselves. They don’t even consider an SEO reseller program at first. Big mistake. Right there. PROBLEM. They think that this is not that hard. They can make a few changes to meta tags and do a couple social bookmarking posts and BING – great rankings. Not so fast. Or perhaps they think they are really clever because they bought some SEO technology or learned to spin an article. Again- WRONG!!

First of all, people, Google is REALLY REALLY smart. They have seen this all before. They know how to spot your spun articles and your overstuffed meta tags. And they know about cloaked pages and white-on-white fonts. This is all old-hat to them. And you have based your entire strategy on this?

You need to join a great SEO reseller program and use someone else to fulfill your search engine optimization until you get to a scale where you could really build out a serious capability. Until then, you are fooling yourself on this one.

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