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Savvy business owners know that in this cell phone world a strong web presence is vital to attract customers. What you may not know is that you also need to learn the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trade in order to rank high on search engines so your perspective customers can find you! Why should you learn the SEO trade?

Research shows that a full 93 percent of experiences online begin with a search engine, and that 75 percent of searchers never scroll past the first page. In fact, most of them (70 to 80 percent) ignore the paid ads at the top and go directly to the organic results below them. When you factor in over a hundred billion global searches each month, you’ll realize that your website, blog, and social media presence combined is like a single snowflake in a blizzard!

What does SEO have to do with customers finding a snowflake? Basically, SEO narrows down the search engine results by matching the content on your website to the word or phrase used on a search engine. This is the meta tag your web designer is talking about, and it’s vital for getting your online presence noticed.

Luckily, you don’t need a crash course to learn the SEO trade to make your online presence a success when it comes to search results. There are companies that specialize in SEO, and all you need to do is find an outsourced SEO reseller program to make yourself pop up on the fabled first page of search engines such as Google!

Basically, a leading SEO reseller with provide you with a regular stream of fresh content for your website, blog, and social media platforms. They weave keywords and keyword phrases into the text of the article or blog, and your website manager enters the same keywords into the meta data of your site.

This allows Google and other websites to pinpoint your business as being pertinent to the search a prospective customer makes, and your business pops up near the top of the list when the customer asks for information.

Keep in mind that all SEO resellers are not created equal. When you’re outsourcing SEO, read samples of the company’s work and make sure their not just jumbling keywords into a shoddy piece of work. Look for grammar and spelling errors that might show the writer isn’t fluent in your language, or is just whipping out a bunch of sentences that don’t really make a lot of sense.

For example, if you run a landscaping company, a top notch SEO reseller might provide articles and blog posts that talk about plants, landscaping, and patio design: things that you offer, and informative articles that will entice a customer to go to your website or call you.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking your traditional advertising is doing the trick. Research shows that SEO leads have a close rate of 14.6 percent, compared to the rate of 1.7 percent for outbound leads such as print advertising and direct mail. That’s a big difference!

All in all, it makes good business sense to use SEO as an effective tool to reach your future clientele, and if you don’t have time to learn the SEO trade yourself you should contact a leading SEO reseller as soon as possible so your business is at the fingertips of every cell phone searcher in your area!

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