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Marketing consultants need an edge with SEO data. Too often, consultants find it difficult to generate data on their own, while competitors and corporate marketing departments can access data with their seemingly vast resources. Fortunately, there is a way a consultant can save time and money by gathering SEO, and thereby leveling the playing field. A consultant could join an SEO reseller program, and then resell the SEO to his clients.

To appreciate the need for an SEO reseller, one must appreciate SEO. Short for search engine optimization, SEO determines the page ranking of a website on a search engine for a given search term. As most consumers click on one of the most highly ranked web pages, consultants see SEO as a great way to increase the sales of their clients.

Consultants find it easy to become an SEO reseller. They start by signing up to an SEO reseller plan, which is offered by a professional SEO back office. This back office allows the would be SEO reseller to outsource his SEO needs.

An SEO reseller is usually worried about the confidentiality of his relationships. This is an understandable fear, for clients trust the SEO reseller with marketing strategy, which is often confidential. To protect this relationship, SEO resellers can obtain what is called white label SEO. Essentially, this form of SEO bears the logo of the reseller, and is often designed for client consumption. This protects the client from knowledge of the relationship with the SEO reseller program, and allows clients to believe the reseller has done everything in house.

By reselling SEO, consultants can add significant value to their clients. Outsourcing SEO is far cheaper than generating and analyzing the data in house. At the same time, consultants can spend more time with their clients, providing more customer service and developing strategy. As the cost and time savings can grow business, SEO reseller plans are a win win for everyone.

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